Is there a right age for learning to play the piano? No, there isn’t. You can learn to play the equipment as a young child, teenager or adult. The belief that children are better than adults are at learning music holds no water. For the most part, adults hesitate to learn this skill because of the fear they will embarrass themselves. The truth is adults can and should learn this skill. They are more serious and mature. They are able to concentrate for long hours too.

What secrets should adults know about learning to play the piano?

Start with your favorite songs

Over the years, you may have developed a liking for specific songs. Some of these songs could be nostalgic. Others remind you important milestones in your life. Use such songs to sustain your interest in learning to play the piano. This way, you will be doing something you find more enjoyable. It is easier to stick to doing something you find more fun. Your favorite songs or genres provide the motivation you need to continue practicing.

Practice takes time and requires a huge amount of discipline.

Your favorite songs, genres and music will help you overcome these challenges.

Be strict but flexible

Piano practice sessions can give you a headache. When you consider the other stuff you need to do, finding the right balance can then present you with a completely new set of problems. All the same, you cannot afford to drop your standards. Practice strictly without interfering with other areas of your life. For example, your family still needs your attention. You cannot neglect your duties and responsibilities at work either.

Do not beat yourself up because other commitments interfered with your practice sessions.

Listen to more music

Earlier, you read that it is advisable to start with your favorite genres. Nevertheless, it is better to listen to more music, especially of different genres. Be as diverse as possible with the genres you incorporate into your practice sessions. Train your ears so they can pick up or notice chords, melodies, and rhythm. Train yourself to understand intervals and beats too. It is not enough to enjoy music. Instead, savor all its elements too.

Love sheet music

Sheet music may appear monotonous and boring, at least for a time. Learn to love it and learn the relationship between notes. It will dictate the kind of success you derive out of your practice sessions. Your ability to master the piano depends on the love you have for sheet music. Appreciating sheet music gives you the impetus necessary for being an expert at playing the piano. Understand all the different elements of sheet music such as clef, staff, and notes among others.  Becoming more effective to practice the music by understanding the notes and patterns versus just practice by hours.

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