Music can open a whole world of wonder for so many people, but those who benefit from it the most are the ones who learn at a very early age.  While everyone can learn how to play a musical instrument at any time, it seems to be much easier when you are younger.  Plus, that simple skill can open a child’s eyes to so many other things!

Here are 5 benefits of learning a musical instrument as a child:

  1. Increased Coordination

Not everyone has amazing coordination, but when a child learns how to play an instrument, they are often learning how to use both hands at the same time.  They then need to use their eyes to read the music, while they are playing, which really amps up the coordination skills.


  1. Increased Memory Skills

When a child needs to memorize different notes and speeds of the music, they are giving themselves the tools that they need to remember many other things too.  Many children will find little tricks to help them remember different aspects of music and they can then use those same tricks in school and other parts of their life.


  1. Improved Math Skills

There are a lot of fractions and division in music and knowing how to use those skills and apply them to regular math can help children excel in that part of the school.


  1. Increased Responsibility

Musical instruments require care, which means that a child must either maintain them or perform upkeep on them on a regular basis.  Tuning may be required every day, while cleaning might be a once a week project.  In addition to the responsibility of keeping their instruments in pristine shape, they must also practice, ensuring that they are ready for their next lesson.


  1. Introduces Discipline and Patience

No one is born with an infinite amount of patience or discipline, which is why it is something that is learned over time.  Some instruments have a longer learning curve than others, and those students will definitely learn how to stay patient while they are learning what they need to know.  Goals are not always easily reached when playing an instrument, so a child may spend months practicing one piece of music before it is deemed as being close to perfect.


These are only a few of the benefits you will see when a child learns to play a musical instrument and there are many others that will be noticeable in a short amount of time.  While people may not think that playing a musical instrument is important, no one will ever disagree that the added benefits can help immensely throughout life.