Music lovers are some of the luckiest people in the world, because they can plan their vacations around some of the amazing music festivals in the world!  Instead of choosing to go to the same place every single time that they want to go away or need to sit and determine where they want to go, they can simply find a music festival taking place during their vacation week and travel to that destination.  They can listen to some fabulous music, see some new sights, meet a few new friends, and return home well relaxed and rested.

Here are the best music festivals in the world:

Splendour in the Grass in Byron Bay, Australia

This music festival has been going strong for more than a decade now and every one of the thirty thousand plus people who attend falls in love with the music, the art, and even the fact that they are camping for the entire three days.  There are stages everywhere within the massive space and people spend a lot of time walking between them all under the hot Aussie sun.

Fuji Rock in Niigata Prefecture, Japan

This happens to be the largest festival within this country, and everyone must ride the cable car to the top of the mountain where the festival takes place.  They attract big names every year and while they all put on an excellent show, the most memorable to date is when the Red Hot Chili Peppers played during a massive storm.  Oh, and one of the members of that group, Anthony Kiedis, had a broken arm at that time too!

Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland

This festival used to focus simply on jazz when it first began, but now the entire two weeks has everything from jazz to blues, rock, and soul mixed in.  Hundreds of thousands of people show up for this event, as they want to watch the three different competitions and listen to the multiple solo acts.

Green Man in Brecon Beacons, Wales

This music festival has been around for quite some time and it keeps getting better and better each year.  The music is great and those listening will find themselves eating and drinking from the time they arrive until the time that they leave.  There are eight different bars selling cocktails, ales, and even hard cider, so no one will need to worry that they will get too thirsty.

Taste of Country Music Festivals in the United States

Country music festivals are well-known in the United States and the Taste of Country ones are some of the best.  They are held in numerous cities across the states and while many of them have different names, the concept is always the same.  Each festival is headlined by some of the major country artists and then there are some up and coming artists added to keep everyone dancing even longer.  Some of the current Taste of Country festival locations include Hunter Mountain in New York, Grand Junction in Colorado, Detroit Lakes in Minnesota, and Kissimmee in Florida.  There are even a few of these festivals planned in other countries this year!

It is easy to see how easy it is for music lovers to go somewhere different on vacation every year or even a few times a year.  Plus, with so many other music festivals around the world, most people will not need to visit the same destination twice, unless they really want to return to experience the same festival all over again!

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