Should you learn to play piano online or acquire these skills from a piano teacher’s home? Ask yourself this question. Each approach has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. It is good to consider each approach deeply before starting the lessons.

The success you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) is pegged on where and how you get the lessons.

Do not take such matters lightly. After all, you are paying for the lessons.

The option you choose determines whether you will enjoy the lessons or not.

Below are some of the merits and demerits of each approach.

Flexibility and Convenience

For starters, online piano lessons offer more flexibility in terms of your ability to choose the best time. Online classes are ideal for people with tight schedules. With offline lessons at the teacher’s home, you may or may not be able to enjoy such an advantage.

The convenience the online classes offer is unmatched at the teacher’s home. Online classes afford you the chance to tutorials and videos you can access any time at your convenience. You only need to sign into the class to access all these materials.

In online classes, the lessons are always available whenever you need them. You can sign in to the class late at night or early in morning to access your lessons. However, you can only go to the teacher’s home at specific hours.

Wide Selection of Pianos

In online classes, you have the option of choosing from a wide selection of pianos. The online institutions or trainers can stock many different types of pianos. Your options at the teacher’s home are often limited to one piano; or, two at the most.

Secure Environment

The teacher’s home offers students the secure environment they need for their lessons. In fact, it is better for preschool children who want to learn to play the piano to do so at the teacher’s home instead of taking online classes.

Human Touch

At a young age, students need the human touch that is offered by taking piano lessons at the teacher’s home. It is easier for them to copy what they see their teachers doing. Online classes do not offer them anywhere near this kind of human touch.

Different Learning Methods

People learn differently. A teacher can notice a student’s preferred method of learning and change the classes or lessons accordingly. That is different from online classes where learners have only one option. Online classes do not offer the flexibility in methods of learning.

Furthermore, students have the option of choosing or identifying a teacher with whom they are most comfortable with if they opt to study at the teacher’s home. In online classes, this option is not available thus forcing students to go with one teacher.

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