Nashville has long been known as a music town, although the focus is more on country music than any other genre.  If you have never been to Nashville, then you truly do not know what you are missing out on!  In fact, you don’t really need to be a country music fan to really appreciate this fabulous city, which is why everyone needs to visit at least once.

As soon as you arrive in Nashville, you should wander around the downtown streets and listen to the music that pours out of the bars and restaurants.  That music is mostly live, and it can be heard from midmorning all the way until late at night.  It is so much fun to be walking down the street and pop your head into a bar simply because you love the music that you hear coming out of it.  Although, you may not stay long, because music from other bars will be beckoning you towards them.

While concerts are sometimes held at the Bridgestone Arena, when you visit Nashville, you must see someone perform, either at the Ryman Auditorium or the Grand Ole Opry.  The Ryman was the original performance hall in this city until the grander Opry was constructed a few miles away many years later.

It is usually recommended that visitors start with a tour of the Ryman, because it allows them to learn the history from day one.  Shows are only performed in this auditorium during the months when the Grand Ole Opry is undergoing renovations and upgrades, so not everyone will manage to see a show there.

The tour of the Grand Ole Opry takes a lot longer than the tour at the Ryman, as it is much larger, and you see much more.  You will begin in the lobby area and are taken past the artist entrance before venturing back to where the taping of the show Nashville, and other shows, takes place.  After that, you see where the artists who have been inducted into the Opry receive their mail before being swept away towards all the dressing rooms.  Each room is unique in its own way and while you won’t see them all, you will see the ones that are considered some of the best.  One of your last stops will be in the green room, where you learn some backstage secrets and then you will have your moment to shine on the Grand Ole Opry’s stage.  It is always best to do the Grand Ole Opry tour prior to seeing a performance there, as it will allow you to know the secrets, as you watch from the audience as the show is going on.

No one can leave this beautiful city without stopping at the Country Music Hall of Fame, as there is always something different to see and experience there.  The exhibits change regularly, yet there are some familiar items that are always there, like Elvis’ Cadillac and piano.

If you are ready to have some fun, while listening to a lot of music, Nashville is the place for you!  Make some plans and travel there soon, because you are guaranteed to have the time of your life!