For many musicians, playing up on the stage of Carnegie Hall would come in at the top of their dream list of performances.  While a trip to New York City could be all about this one major performance for musicians, or families with young children visit the hall for the first time should consider spending at least one day exploring a few of the sights nearby Carnegie Hall.

One of the best destinations near Carnegie Hall is Central Park and people can spend hours wandering around this massive space.  After all, the park has eight hundred and forty-three acres of space and most of it is easily accessible.

Here are 5 things that musicians and families should take the time to see and do while exploring Central Park after a performance at Carnegie Hall:


  1. Take a Walking Tour

Those who are not very familiar with Central Park may want to take one of the numerous walking tours that are available.  These tours allow people to see quite a bit of the park in a short amount of time, while also allowing them to learn the history and other fun facts.  There are ten different walking tours available, so everyone can choose the one that resonates with them the most.


  1. Take a Carriage Ride

Anyone who does not want to walk around Central Park can choose to take a carriage ride instead.  The carriages are in service most days, but there are a few times throughout the year when the horses are not available due to the weather.  A basic carriage ride is the most popular, but some people will request full tours of the park for their ride.


  1. Visit the Zoo

Central Park is lucky enough to have a zoo right near the edge of 5th Avenue, so everyone can wander around to see the animals.  The zoo is only five acres in size, but there are a number of habitats filled with animals like sea lions, snow leopards, penguins, and even a cow.


  1. Visit Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields was a favorite hangout area of John Lennon and many people will visit to just pay their respects to him.  However, a few people will also look to see if they can find the same peace in this sanctuary and use it benefit their musical and personal needs, just as Lennon did all those years ago.


  1. See One of the Numerous Performances within the Park

There are many performances held within Central Park each year and while most of them are in the summer, it is possible for everyone to see at least one during their visit.  A few of the more popular performances include Shakespeare in the Park, Central Park Summer Stage, NYC Summer Concert Series, New York Philharmonic in the Parks, and the Metropolitan Opera in the Parks.


As everyone can see, Central Park is filled with so many things to do, and the above five items are only a handful of everything that is available within this lush green space.  Musicians will need a week or more to see everything on their list in this city, but at least they can cross more items off their list with each performance that they do at Carnegie Hall!