Inspiration is something that is subjective. We all experience inspiration differently but there are some ways which we can follow in order to feel inspired to compose our very first song with a piano. A piano is a great tool for writing a song and composing music into it.

Here are some tips to find inspiration to compose your first song with a piano.

  1. Have a Picture in Mind

Songs are supposed to display one’s emotions which are why it is a good idea to look at a picture or have a picture in mind to express the emotion you would like to feel. Look at a picture which helps you feel the emotion you would like others to feel when they listen to your song.

Now, once you have a picture in mind and feel the emotions that you need to feel, it is time to use the piano to take the emotions furthers and develop a piece which depicts that. Once, the piece has been created, you can use the piece to add lyrics to the melody of the music produced by the piano.

  1. Play your Favorite Piece on the Piano

We all have a piano piece which makes us feel inspired or in a certain mood which is why one needs to play their favorite piece on the piano to channel those emotions into the work. It is a very effective way to find the inspiration to compose your first song.

The piano is your friend, and in a way is the extension of your mind. Think of Beethoven, even though he was deaf by the time that he made his famous classical piano songs, it was the emotions which gave him the inspiration to craft such beautiful pieces. Play the piece on the piano to get that inspiration.

  1. Force Yourself

Sometimes, we all have the inspiration within us but our mind might be too occupied with the thought of failure or anxiousness to allow ourselves to feel inspired and compose the first song. This is why one needs to force themselves to stick to playing on the piano until they feel inspired to compose their first song.

  1. Collaborate

Collaboration is key to getting ideas flowing and for finding inspiration. So, if you have a friend or two who have a passion for the piano, then it might be time to invite them over for a collaboration session and for finding the inspiration or confidence needed to compose your first song. They could also give you some advice about playing the piano or composing a song.

  1. Get Professional Help

There are many companies out there which provide help with composing your first song on the piano. It is easy to contact them for a session and they will advise you on how to compose the song and for developing a piece that fits perfectly into the song. These companies have professional trainers who have the expertise and experience in composing songs with a piano.

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