Music has been around since time immemorial. Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking those mellow tones and beats are only meant for entertainment. Yes, music is fun and exciting, but it can also do wonders for other aspects of our lives. Music has a beautiful way of bringing people together. Music can heal a hurting soul. Music can ease depression. Music can soothe a tired body, mind, and spirit … there’s no limit to what music can do for us.

With that said, many research studies have been carried out in a bid to figure out the mental, physical, and psychological effects of music on every facet of a human being. Interestingly, here are three surprising benefits of music you probably didn’t know. What’s more, these benefits are backed by science.

Benefit #1: Music is Food for the Brain and Enhances Your Intelligence

Music can help boost your intelligence, really, and there are some scientific studies to back this claim. In a way, music nourishes the brain, something which can come in handy when it comes to developing mental fitness. According to one study, kids were able to learn ideas faster through songs, as opposed to traditional medium like books. This can be explained by the fact that listening to good music can help your brain process a copious amount of information simultaneously.

The study further showed that 18 regions of the brain get activated when listening to music. Coincidentally, these are areas that also play a crucial role in learning. However, not all music is created equal. It has been found out that classical music has more impact.

Benefit #2: Music Promotes Overall Wellbeing

It is no big secret that music does heal. No wonder it is used in several different therapeutic treatments. It so happens that music has a unique effect on various human biological processes, including normalizing heart rate, reducing fatigue, easing hypertension, and so forth.

Recent studies have shown that music can induce happiness, a sense of relaxation, and improve emotional health. All these effects contribute to your health and overall wellbeing.

Benefit #3: Music Helps Develop Social Skills

In today’s complex world, having social skills can make a huge difference. It helps with how we interact with others. Turns out, listening to music regularly, especially in live events, can help promote these vital life skills.


There you have it — 3 amazing benefits of listening to music. Make it a habit to include music in your daily routine, particularly those that are known to promote wellbeing.

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