What is your goal of learning to play the piano? Do you want to play as a hobby or a professional pianist? The world does not have as many professional pianists as it deserves. Instead, it has plenty of good pianists who play the instrument as a hobby.  Whether learning piano is a good investment – or not – depends on your objectives.

You would be limiting yourself by looking at the investment purely based on your career.  Look at the other benefits too to appreciate the wisdom of investing in learning piano.

Reduces Memory and Hearing Loss in Old Age

Learning piano has excellent benefits in old age.  It slows the rate at which inner hearing loss occurs.  It also reduces the rate at which you lose your memory.  Learning piano also puts a halt to the decline in the brain’s ability to process information, which increases rapidly with age.  For these reasons, consider learning to play piano from an early age.  Continue playing it in old age!

Enhances Math Skills

Learning piano also enhances your ability to count and calculate.  It boosts your counting and math skills tremendously.  Science has proven that second graders who learn to play this instrument see a huge upturn in their ability to count and calculate math problems and quizzes in class.

Boosts New Language Skills

Learning piano is also perfect for improving one’s ability to practice new language skills.  The lessons improve spatial-temporal intelligence.  It helps students to develop their language skills significantly.  Why would you deny your young ones the chance to learn piano with these benefits in mind?

Improve Reading Comprehension

Piano lessons also boost reading comprehension.  As the learners improve their ability to distinguish one pitch from the next, they also get better at reading.  They are then able to comprehend whatever book or piece of literature they are reading.  Playing pianos requires that you memorize music before you perform it to the audience.

Boosts Creativity

Learning piano is a great boost to creativity too!  Playing the piano actually improves the pianist’s ability to be creative.  It enhances the pianist’s creative juices.  The brain is able to improvise solutions to various issues as the pianist learns to create a note (or piece of music) that’s not only unique but also original.  Pianists are some of the most creative individuals!

Improves Time Management

Lastly, one has to put in plenty of work and time to learn to play the piano. Consequently, the lessons enable pianists to excel in organizing themselves and in time management too.  One has to make time to attend the classes. One has to set time aside to practice.  Without these sacrifices, nobody would excel at anything.

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