In the past year or so, several celebrities have taken their own lives. Their deaths have caused consternation around the world particularly since they seemed to be doing well in their chosen careers. One reason cited for their deaths has been mental issues, especially depression, which is not only a state of mind but also brain disorder. Several treatments for depression exist. For a long time, music has been considered one of the best ways of managing depression.

Is there some truth in that?

How does music help depression?

Music encourages patients to face their demons

The relationship between the two is down to a practice called music therapy. Music is therapeutic to individuals struggling with depression. This form of therapy improves the mental health of the patient. It accomplishes that through various factors. It offers patients the chance to enjoy different experiences that take their minds away from situations that cause nothing other than depression.

Music calms the spirit

Music calms the spirit and soul. It puts the mind at rest. Positive music soothes and encourages. It keeps the mind active. A patient who listens to music actively notices the different components and creativity involved. In the process of doing that, music then helps patients to seek solutions to the problems they face. Such a calm, relaxed, and well-rested patient (who gets to this state from listening to music actively) is on the path to defeating depression.

Music inspires creativity

Depressed people often lead very active lives. Sadly, the depression often makes them inactive by killing their creativity. A patient who desires to return to a life of creativity must embrace music. The songs patients listen to can inspire them to run, write, design, create and be as productive as they once were prior to the onset of depression. Music causes you to dance or sing along. That little movement or action is all it needs to push you away from depression.

Music reduces blood pressure

How high (or low) is your blood pressure? Specific genres of music help patients with depression to overcome this condition. How does it do that? By lowering blood pressure. Depression always increases the likelihood of uncontrolled blood pressure. Patients who listen to reggae or classical music at least 30 minutes each day will begin noticing a massive reduction in their blood pressure levels.

Music helps because of its ability to:

  1. alleviate stress
  2. improve athletic performance
  3. improve mobility in patients diagnosed with neurological impairments

Music is a more fun and easier prescription to take for blood pressure than medication.

That said; never substitute your medication with music. Use them both for effective treatment.

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