Music is important in life. It provides the entertainment we all need in life every day. After all, life isn’t all about serious stuff all the time. Music allows us a platform through which to acquire new strength and ability to face everything life throws at us.

Music also helps us to appreciate the most important things and people in life. Examples of profound music that takes us through a journey into the composer or musician’s life exist in different platforms.

Music helps us to appreciate life. It helps us to structure and restructure our lives in ways we’re most comfortable with. Music influences our behavior whether we know it or not. It influences how we behave whether we are ready for that or not.

Importance of Self-Expression

Music also teaches us self-expression. After interviewed Terrell’s “This Intangible Existence” is a perfect representation of how he has expressed himself. Terrell has found a way of expressing his thoughts. It has taken him years – since his childhood – to get better at this.

The ability to express oneself is crucial in life. It determines the quality of relationships that anyone can have at any given moment. Learn to express your thoughts properly every day. If you do, some of the benefits you will enjoy include:

  1. ability to develop stronger boundaries
  2. ability to enhance your relationships
  3. an improvement in your creativity
  4. ability to conquer your fears
  5. ability to soothe your anxieties
  6. improved sense of freedom
  7. enhanced authenticity
  8. acceptance from and by others
  9. feeling inspired to pursue and achieve more in life

Importance of Confidence

A close examination of Terrell’s composition shows that confidence matters. Musicians and composers can never make any meaningful progress in their careers without a healthy dose of confidence. The most successful musicians are some of the most confident individuals on earth.

Listen repetitively to that sample of Terrell Brinlee music posted above. Watch the video closely too. Listen and watch with an open mind to learn from such a talented composer and musician. You will be surprised to discover his music has many lessons that you can apply in your own life.

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