Universal languages are languages that are understood by almost everyone in the world, no matter where they live.  While many people think that English might be the only universal language, there is one other language that most people forget about.

That language is music, because it is so easy to use to communicate with people who speak any language.  This can be a difficult concept for some people to consider, because there are so many people who think that a language involves words.  However, when a person is listening to music, they can easily feel and see the emotions that are being portrayed during each song or performance.

These emotions come through as the pitches change and the tempo gets faster or slower.  The rhythm will even change depending on which emotion is being portrayed at that very moment.  A song that has a fast tempo with a minor chord, or low pitch, can make a person feel scared or even angry.  However, when a musician changes the tempo and makes it slower with the same pitch, a person would instantly feel sad when listening to it.

Happy feelings are present when higher pitches are used with a faster tempo and numerous fluctuations within the rhythm.

People from all around the world can arrive in one destination to listen to a musical performance, and while many of them would not be able to communicate with others, due to the language barriers, they would all understand what is being portrayed by the music being played.  The American poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, said it best during the 19th century, when he stated that music is “the universal language of mankind”.

When it comes to music though, not everyone agrees that what they are hearing is music.  This is due to different cultures having different ways of expressing themselves through music.  Some people may listen to Javanese gamelan and hear nothing but pots being banged on endlessly, while others may listen to the opera and think that their head will explode from all the high notes in a language they do not understand.

Everyone must remember that the goal of music is to bring people together to enjoy the experience of the beat and the sounds.  What is being played may not be something that a person is used to, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t wonderful or a type of music that they can fall in love with.