I have listened to many forms of music over the years, whether classical, rock, pop, Broadway songs, and country.  However, until recently, I had never heard of K-Pop and I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to learn more about it.  Being the music lover that I am though, I decided that every genre of music should be heard at least once, because you never know what is going to take your life in a new direction!

Well, let me say that K-Pop completely surprised me, and I think that I would listen to it more in the future.  The music itself has quite the catchy tunes and while I could not understand the lyrics at first, you can still feel the emotional pull from each song.

Of course, when I took the time to watch the videos that went along with the music, I was able to read the subtitles.  Those subtitles allowed me to finally understand what the song was about, and I discovered that my feelings were not that far off from when I listened to it without understanding it at all.  It is not often that a musician can accomplish that feat, so you know that these K-Pop performers must be fantastic with everything that they do.

The videos themselves drew me into the stories that were being portrayed through the songs and I felt like I could be part of the video at any moment.  Add in the dance moves, colors, and intricate details and I watched more videos than I originally planned on.

In my opinion, everyone should begin to listen to K-Pop music and watch a few of the videos, because it can be just what every musician needs to enhance their skills or break out of a rut.  Now, I understand that everyone will not want to perform this type of music, but there is nothing wrong with a pianist attempting to convert some K-Pop music into their next performance.  Almost any musician can use K-Pop music with the instrument that they play, and it can add a new twist to any performance in front of any audience.

In fact, I think that if more people embrace this type of music and start to share it with audiences that may have never heard it before, the K-Pop audience will continue to grow with new listeners every day.  This isn’t to say that everyone will start to listen to K-Pop after hearing it just once, but some people will be intrigued enough to want to learn more and will give it a chance.

After taking the time to listen to K-Pop, I can now say that I will not be as harsh or judgmental with new to me music in the future because chances are that I will love all of it, even if it is just a little!