As music lover’s, we all know there have been quite a few extraordinary musicians from all over the world.  While many people have heard of Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Mozart, many are unfamiliar with the many talented, dedicated up and coming musicians making an impact.

One reason for this, could be, that there are so many musicians and it is difficult to sort through to find the ones who are making a difference or the ones we admire?  Another reason might be that music-making and its distribution channels have certainly changed.  Today music from all over the world in every genre is readily accessible and with some simple equipment can be launched instantly.


The Applause to the Musician project began in April of 2019 embracing the journey of musicians who have dedicated their lives to the art and craft of music.  That journey has produced well over 40 interviews with musicians, composers, music educators, and technicians that have no monetary cost to those selected to be interviewed.  Each interview is unique focusing specifically on the interviewee and their story, professionally video recorded then given back to the interviewee to share on their media channels.  While the main focus has been within the greater Houston area, the project has begun reaching out to talented musicians from all over the world. This new addition is called “World Musicians” and features both the musician’s bio and performance videos.  All of this brings us all closer to the universal language of music.


Through highlighting the unique and touching stories of these musicians that you, too, can play an instrument, attend musician performances and continue to contribute. The possibilities are limitless while the rewards for future generations are priceless. Join us as we continue to explore and communicate these extraordinary journeys via our media channels –   YouTube  |   Facebook   |   Instagram