Ask any parents what criteria they would like to see in a piano teacher for their child, they will consider that they would like to have a teacher who is skilled, patient, and knowledge about the subject. A potentially qualified teacher is one who combines together effective teaching approaches with new technology.Aside from personal teaching capabilities, a good teacher should also have proven his or her talent, such as being an amazing concert pianist, a published composer, flawlessly teaching composition. Even though his or her study is filled with students, with some on the waiting list, she can still accommodate your child.

But guess what? That kind of perfect teacher does not exist, at all! In choosing a good piano teacher for your child, you need to make some choices.

Tips to Consider

First thing first – there is no perfect piano teacher. This kind of thinking has led some parents into getting discouraged with the choices they make. The most important thing is seeing the natural fit in the relationship between the teacher and your child. For this, you can set up an initial meeting with teacher, tagging your child along. Make sure that you do not do all of the talking. Allow the two of them to communicate; making sure that your child also speaks for her or himself.

There are also some simple things that you can look out for. Among them include making eye contact with your child. This is very important as it is a sign of interest. This also shows that the teacher is really interested in what your child is saying. The teacher should also be able to draw your child out. This can come in the form of asking the right questions, or praising your child appropriately. A sense of humor is also a huge plus. You would not want your child to end up stressed after a very serious piano lesson.

Some parents make the mistake of not involving their children in the decision making. As soon as you arrive home after meeting the potential teacher, you can ask your child some questions. You may want to hear what your child thinks about the teacher. Ask to see if there was anything that made your child uncomfortable. In the end, you can ask your child whether or not the teacher is approved for him or her.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that you are looking for a piano teacher for your child, not for somebody else’s. This means that your knowledge about your child, and your intuition as a parent should play a vital role in making a good decision.

It is also important to keep an open mind regarding your piano teacher. Most of the teachers are also just getting started, which means that they may not have enough experience in teaching beginners. You will surely appreciate the efforts of an enthusiastic and young teacher who is willing to spend time and effort in helping your child.

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