Music is uѕеd fоr mаnу different things. It is used for exercising, dаnсіng, relaxing, and even praising God. When people are happy they listen to something with an upbeat. When they are sad or lonely they listen to slow songs. When someone wants to celebrate they listen to loud uplifting songs.

A song can reflect how a person feels, it can also change the way someone feels. If a person is feeling down and blue, listening to uplifting songs can put them in a better mood. Adults and teenagers are not the only people that enjoy a good song. Babies and children love songs too.

Some pregnant mothers even put headphones on their bellies so that the baby can hear the beautiful songs in the womb. As parents, we sing to our children when they are sad. We sing to them when they are happy. We sing songs to help our children fall asleep at night. When our kids get hurt we sing to them to make the pain go away. We sing children’s songs with our kids just to make them smile, even if the song is driving us crazy. We still sing just to see that smile.

Everywhere you go there are songs being played. There are songs played at weddings, funerals and birthday parties. Music has been around for many years in some form or another. It is constantly changing over the years. Tribes use to play songs on drums while they danced around fires.

Along with music, there are also dances. There are different dances preformed in different countries. The same song can mean something different to fifty different people. You may listen to a song one day and feel something completely different about that song the next day. Your mood can determine what you get out of a song.

classical, opera, and instrumental can be quite moving. However, this type of music is something you have to feel instead of just listen to. If you are feeling the music, a piano solo can bring tears to your eyes. Classical songs can make you want to weep or smile.

Songs can make us feel a number of emotions depending on how we listen to it. Of course, there are kids today that blare their songs and they enjoy it but they are not really feeling it. Have you ever been moved by a jazz solo or mesmerized by a classical pianist?

Music is a part of our culture. It is a part of every culture. Do you remember the first album or tape you ever got? Of course, we have CD’s now and most kids do not even know what a record is. You could make mixed tapes with a tape player but today we have come so far that we can burn CD’s. With the internet, right at our fingertips, we can find any type of song we want. You can go online and buy classical, rap, jazz, hip hop, alternative, heavy metal, country, and even techno.

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