Lee Ru-ma, popularly known in Asia.   In North America, and Europe as Yiruma, is the international musician, a composer, and pianist. He is known for his numerous popular songs and has inspired people with his piano skills.

He took up music entirely after studying in Europe, and since then performed in various places in Korea, North America, and Europe.  He has gained popularity through his music, and released more than thirteen albums, among them include; “May Be,” “River Flows in you,” “Kiss the Rain” and “First Love” which was a big hit.

He was born on February 15, 1978; had learned the art of playing music on the piano even at age five and further improved himself by studying in the Purcell School of Music at age 10 in London.  After graduating from Purcell School of Music in July 1997, he was enrolled in King’s college and participated in DECCA records. He released his first album, Love Scene, in 2001 through DECCA and this gave him a stage for the broader audiences as his albums span across Asian and Europe. He also received the honor of participating in a musical tour in Europe during his time in college.  Few years after his album, he graduated with a Composition Major in King’s College, then took occupation of a composer and a pianist.


Yiruma’s music can be classified as “popular,” “new-age” and “contemporary classical music.” For instance, his popular piece “River Flows in You” is one of the compilations for wedding pieces titled”Wedding Essentials: The Ceremony.”  After his first Album became popular, later In 2003, his third album, From the Yellow Room, was highly ranked on most music charts and recommendations.  Pre-order sales for this album were over 30,000 copies. Also in 2003, he held the 12-city tours in Korea and a November concert at the Seoul National Arts Center and made a huge sale because of the turnout.

In 2016, Yiruma played live in the Carnegie Hall in New York City and Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on his Spring Rain Live tour in the United States.  Last year in November he had a concert here in Houston Hobby Center also attracted a big crowd in different nationalities and generations.

Songs composed by Yiruma are relatable to everyone as his audiences get to experience the different type of emotion in live concerts.  His concerts and music are one of the top-rated scores globally.

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