Miryam Gabriel (aka MRYM) is a 21-year-old budding singer who is slowly taking the contemporary Christian music scene by storm. Based in the Houston area, the unapologetic Christian songbird is also an upcoming songwriter. She bills several influencers for kickstarting her passion and love for singing and songwriting, including her own father, a longstanding itinerant worship leader with over 30 years of experience to his name; Michael W. Smith, the Above All singer; and Sara Groves, the American author, contemporary Christian singer, and record producer.

The aspiring Christian songstress has had the pleasure of playing for several local Houston talents, such as Savercool, Kelly Zwern, and This Intangible Existence. Recently, Miryam Gabriel teamed up with the local bands Savercool and This Intangible Existence on a new rendition of the latter’s single “River Hymn.” Miryam Gabriel’s break into the music recording scene was in August 2017, when she released her debut single, aptly titled “Jealous Yahweh” with John Ebdon’s Christian Songwriters in the Round

Early Life and Music Education

Miryam Gabriel’s love for Christian music took root at a tender age. In fact, her music education started at an early age of 8, when she laid her hands on her first musical instrument, a guitar gift. Even so, he favorite instrument is the piano.

Miryam Gabriel is an avid, self-taught pianist, who has been playing by ear as far as she can remember. She toyed with toy pianos and keyboards and quickly progressed to the real thing. Whether on an upright or a grand piano, Miryam Gabriel will simply knock your socks off.


As an upcoming Christian music singer/songwriter, Miryam has recorded several originals, all of which she plans to release her debut EP album in the fall of 2018 under her stage moniker MRYM, a stylization of her given name. Her first song, “Jealous Yahweh” was released in August 2017 with Christian Songwriters.  She has also released an impromptu instrumental which is available on YouTube.

Miryam Gabriel has in the past also performed at several local coffee houses in Houston area as a cover artist. Moreover, she’s currently an on-call pianist for her church worship band.

Beyond Music

Miss Gabriel is a bird enthusiast and an ardent, born-again Christian who isn’t afraid to testify what Jesus has done in her life. Her salvation is apparent in her work that swings between secret caves of Adullam and moments of Exhortation. Her goal is that her stories will inspire and uplift others in their times of need and tribulation.

Interested in learning more about Miryam, her outings, and what she’s up to? Be sure to visit her website www.mrymmusic.com


“Jealous Yahweh”


An impromptu instrumental:


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