Deux Voix (known in French as Two Voices) is a dual music group founded by two artist Stephen Distad and Justin Langham based in Houston, Texas.  They have been working on music concerts since 2014 with concerts both across the U.S. and different parts of the world.  In becoming one of the best-selling recording acts of all time, the Deux Voix adapted to changing musical styles while maintaining the high harmonies, elaborate melodies, and ornate orchestrations that were their trademark.

Although the music quite interesting in itself, Deux Voix is much more than just creating music. Their shows have always touched the hearts of many. They present their Trumpet and Organ shows in a very artistic fashion with some interesting photography as well.

Deux Voix has a large following group and they work seamlessly to adapt ideas from other instrumentations, such as jazz piano and current popular music in order to reach a wider audience, as to expand the world of trumpet and organ.

Mr. Distad who’s one of the members was once the Minister of Music at First Charleston Baptist Church including many other positions held and has performed in numerous renowned locations such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin and Notre Dame in Paris. Is no doubt his concert has continued to draw large and diverse crowds in various locations in the USA and different parts of the world.

Justin, on the other hand, is a composer and a musician with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Trumpet Performance. He has also performed with renowned names such as Houston Heights Orchestra and the Houston Civic Symphony.  As a composer and teacher, Justin has written for all instrumentations with numerous compositions for Deux Voix.

The main thing about Deux Voix is the passion that Mr. Langham has for his art. Not only has Deux Voix been around for a very long time but for the most part, it is all his creation – Such as his Concertino for Euphonium and “Cantate Domino” for choir and wind ensemble. And that’s not including other projects Mr. Langham has done outside of Deux Voix.

So if you’re looking for something different and maybe even a bit classy, check out Deux Voix. They are very creative and original. Plus the talent of pulling huge crowds and constantly being creative about their art is reason enough to give due credit.

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