Rada Bukhman was born in Omsk, Russia to a family well-grounded and in love with art.  She began touring the world from a very tender age through her music, having studied music professionally and also learned how to play the piano.  Rada started singing in broad daylight when she was three and creating little tunes at the piano at four years old.  In addition to this, she began to learn solfege and rhythmic in a group organized for a couple of talented children. Moscow Musical College situated in Russia and Rubin Academy of Music located in Israel is where Rada Bukhman earned her Master’s degree of Piano Performance. Rada Bukhman has more than 20 years’ experience of teaching in multicultural settings.

Her students demonstrate elevated performance levels due to the individual method which depends on the harmonious improvement of spiritual, intellectual and professional musical skills of the student. A lot of her students made the finals and even won competitions such as Richmond Music Festival, Canada; Kiwanis Festival, Canada; Russian Music Festival ,Canada; Canadian Music Competition, Vancouver International Competition, Canada; American Protégé Competition, NY;  New Jersey Russian Competition, USA; Chopin International Competition, Seattle WA. A lot of Rada Bukhman’s students completed the full program of RCM and got ARCT diplomas.

For more information about her please check her website – www.radabukhman.com

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