Caleb Sturgis is from Texas, where he grew up involved in music from an early age. Mr. Sturgis began studying piano when he was seven, although he took a hiatus from music as a child. Mr. Sturgis picked up music again at the age of fourteen where he became involved in jazz and choir. After graduating from the University of Houston with a degree in music, Mr. Sturgis began teaching piano privately. Currently teaching piano lessons in the Katy TX area, Mr. Sturgis strongly favors the Suzuki method for accelerated learning. Mr. Sturgis also emphasizes the importance of parental involvement in his students’ musical journey, as his own family nurtured his love of music when he was a student. In addition to teaching, Mr. Sturgis performs around the greater Houston area and recorded his second album, “Five Loaves Two Fish,” with another album in the works. Mr. Sturgis and his wife also serve in the Jireh Bible Church in Houston.


Caleb Sturgis来自德克萨斯州,从小就接触音乐。 Sturgis先生七岁开始学习钢琴,后来有所中断。 在十四岁时。 Sturgis先生再次学习音乐,并参与爵士乐和合唱团。 从休斯敦大学毕业并获得音乐学位后,Sturgis先生开始成为私人钢琴教师。 Sturgis先生目前在德克萨斯州的凯蒂地区教授钢琴课程,他强烈赞成用铃木学习法加速钢琴的学习。 Sturgis先生还强调了父母参与学生音乐学习的重要性,因为他的家人在他还是学生时培养了他对音乐的热爱。 除了教学之外,Sturgis先生还在大休斯顿地区演出并录制了他的第二张专辑“五个面包两条鱼”,另一张专辑正在制作中。 Sturgis先生和他的妻子也在休斯顿的以勒圣经教会服务。