Terrell Brinlee is the composer and musician most famous for “This Intangible Existence”, which is collection of writings and images facilitating and reflecting the journey that he’s been on. It is deep examination of the inner man. It looks into the “pneuma.”

A childhood dream realized

He says that his love for the arts and self-expression started in his childhood. That love would put him on a journey that eventually leads to “This Intangible Existence.” Perhaps, that creation would not have been possible without the experiences he’s gone through over the years.

“This Intangible Existence” states that the body is all that we remain with once the spirit – the human part we can’t see – goes. It refers to the aspect of human life that disappears when we die and the body is the only proof remaining of our past existence.

Terrell has embarked on deep self-evaluation that helps him to express himself well. He’s delved into a realm that few artists are willing to address through their works. Terrell attributes the origins of any artistic work human perform on this intangible existence.

Artistic components

In his eyes, Terrell Brinlee knows how to fuse words with music. The title “This Intangible Music” encompasses everything he believes about arts. It is the envelope that he uses to letters on his music and words that touch the soul, spirit, and mind of his listeners.

“This Intangible Existence” touches on all types of arts. It touches on words. It touches on music. It touches on images. It touches on writings. Any person who loves or is enthusiastic about arts knows the role of words, music, images, and writings in the artistic world.

We have the honor to interview Terrel Brinlee and sharing his music.  Also many thanks to our host, Jerry Pollio, and the Videographer Kevin Hsieh to make this happen!  Enjoy it!

Location: Houston Piano Company

Check out Terrell Brinlee’s website: http://www.thisintangibleexistence.com/

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