A piano is a major investment, which is why it is not a purchase that anyone wants to rush into.  In addition to the money spent, a piano will also take up a lot of space in a room and it needs to be maintained throughout the years to ensure that it lasts for more than a lifetime.


Once you decide that you definitely want to invest in a piano, there are a few things that you need to do before venturing to your closest music store and swiping your credit card.  First, you need to determine what your budget is for this purchase.  Pianos are not cheap, but there are different price points and you will want to be aware of which one you need to focus on.


As soon as you have your budget in place, you can start looking at sizes and styles.  A spinet is quite small, which is why many people prefer console or studio pianos.  Of course, the grand piano is everyone’s dream piano, not only because of its look and size but due to the responsiveness and sound when played.


We recommend that you look at the wood that is used to make the piano that you want, as well as the style of the cabinet, the leg design, and the music rack.  Everyone has their own idea of how they want their piano to look and it is usually best to not sacrifice any of that just to get a piano into your home.


It is always best to visit a piano dealer, so you can play the pianos and listen to the tone and other features personally.  This is much better than looking at a picture online and then realizing that you made a mistake once the piano is in your home.  When you are at the piano dealer, you can ask dozens of questions, whether it is about the piano’s durability, internal construction, performance, or sound.  This is also the time to inquire about warranties and what happens if your piano needs to be repaired.


If the pianos that you love are way out of your price range, you may want to consider trying to find a used piano. However, we urge you to have a professional and a technician look over a piano before you purchase it, to make sure that it is in excellent working order.


Purchasing a piano is not much different than purchasing any other major item over the years, as long as you know what to ask and where to shop.  This is not the time to make quick decisions without thinking, because you are going to want your piano to last the rest of your lifetime.