In the music world, Brodmann Pianos are regarded as some of the most reputable piano manufacturers in Europe. Their colorful history and abundant features make them one of the highest quality pianos in the industry and a favorite of music lovers.


The company was founded by Joseph Brodmann in 1805 who was a former apprentice of renown piano maker, Frederick Hoffman in Vienna. With the musical influences in Vienna by masters like Mozart, Beethoven, and Shubert, He was able to establish himself as an “an instrument maker of excellence, skilled in constructing solidly finished pianos”. Even till today, you can still find original Brodmann pianos in great working conditions in the Vienna Arts and Berlin Museums.

Brodmann today still has their headquarters in Vienna, Austria just a few minutes distance from their very first piano factory and the old town. Even until now, the influence of Vienna is still seen in the way Brodmann pianos are made.

Manufacturing and Features

Brodmann pianos today have three lines of grand and upright pianos. The soundboard of Brodmann pianos are handcrafted from the best German Alpine spruce from Strunz and then tapered to exact dimensions to produce a pleasant tone that is reminiscent of the original Viennese pianos. In line with its premium quality, the strings are made from Röslau wire that ensures that a full-bodied, distinctive tone is produced. These German-crafted strings are acknowledged to be among the best in piano crafting. The body of Brodmann pianos is usually made from solid spruce, maple, and strong beech and built in a trademark way this ensures that they survive for many generations in the best conditions.

Brodmann pianos are well known for being powerful and highly projective in the tone they produce. The European-influenced tone is crystal clear and clean whether in use for an intimate performance or grand pianos for concerts. The hammers used in Brodmann pianos are also German cold pressed by artisans that give it a perfect tone and musical character that is almost impossible to replicate.

Every part of a Brodmann piano is painstakingly created to produce a pure and perfect tone without the inharmonicities that other pianos sometimes experience. Every Brodmann piano through the ages has the same distinctive, natural sound that has remained timeless.

Piano Series

  • The Brodmann Professional Edition (PE) series are colorful, well-designed and tuned to perfection.
  • The Professional Edition Vienna (PEV) Series are made from carbon fiber components that are designed to make them light and durable, responsive and well-suited for performance in any situation with minimal fuss.
  • The Brodmann Conservatory Edition (CE) Series are made for the eager beginning pianist who is looking for a piano that they can grow with. These are the more cost-effective options with hammers hewn from North American maple and premium strings and soundboards. Brodmann CE pianos deliver an exceptionally delicate and rich tone.

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