Perzina piano is different from any other. It’s the epitome of beautiful design and outstanding sound. It guarantees pleasure for many years. Despite all this, it costs less. It’s the creation of Albert and Julius Perzina.
The builders came up with a product that pianists will love primarily because of the emotion it helps to conjure. The piano wouldn’t be what it is if much care wasn’t applied during production. Its production is a study of the maker’s philosophy and values.

Built Since 1871

The Perzina brothers made this piano back in 1871. They built it with the help of some of the most talented, highly trained and knowledgeable individuals of the time. From the beginning, the makers knew that their piano would represent what they believed in.

They focused on creating a product that would show their commitment to customers and respect for the environment. They also believed in creating a product that could be developed and improved further over the years. One of the objectives of the builders was to create a product that would satisfy the best pianists. They embarked on a journey that would enable them to build a piano that anybody could play regardless of musical knowledge, age, and purpose.

They focused on creating a musical instrument that would appeal to a professional or amateur pianist. The builders had their minds on the user or customer from the initial design all the way to the final production.

Location of Factory

Perzina piano is a hand-crafted piece of magical, musical instrument. It narrates a beautiful story that runs through several generations. The creation takes place at the modern and state-of-the-art factory known as Gebrüder Perzina Hof-Pianoforte-Fabrikanten.

The factory sits on more than 33,000m2 of buildings. It’s within that space that production takes place. The framework, soundboards, action building, and cabinetry all take place within the factory.

Yantai (a city, robust economic center, and largest seaport in Shandong Province) is where the plant stands. Apart from Yantai, Perzina piano is also produced in two other factories. The factories are in Lenzen and Schwerin, which are both in Germany.

The ceremony that marked the first creation of Perzina piano was quite emotional. Since then, the piano has increased in popularity as one of the best musical instruments for eliciting the right kind of emotion. Pianists and music lovers, in general, love it for this and many other reasons.

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