Perzina was a well-known piano company with a colorful and storied history in Germany. Founded as the Gebr. Perzina (Perzina Bros.) in Schwerin in the northern part of Germany, on July 1, 1871, the piano maker was at one instance considered the most prominent piano company in the entire country. In 1990, right after German reunification, the company was reinstated as a privately-owned company and later owned by Ron Bol – Music Brokers International, the Dutch Piano entrepreneur.

With vintage designs and authentic manufacturing tradition, Perzina is still a name to reckon with in the piano industry. At the moment, it is jointly owned by the duo of Bol Pianos in Netherland and Yantai Perzina Piano Manufacturing Company in China. The company still utilizes authentic German scale design technology; ship most of the woods, European parts, and material for use in the making of their pianos.  These masterpieces have gained traction with a huge variety of pianists because they offer a broad tonal palette that meets the stringent demands of several different genres, especially jazz and classical repertoire.

I just came back from Netherland visited Bol Pianos in Holland. Entirely amazed by the amount of the pianos in their showroom, there are many famous European makers like Hamburger Steinway & Sons, Bösendorfer, Petrof,  C. Bechstein, August Forster, Feurich, Grotrian, Steingraber & Sohne, Estonia, Hoffmann, refurbished Japanese Yamaha & Kawai, China manufacturing German scale design technology Perzina, and many other brands that you can name from  A-Z.  Although the piano industry has shrunk to the minimum and yet, you can’t identify the fact from Bol Pianos’ vision, I didn’t get to meet the president, Ron Bol, this time but his wife and the V.P. because he is in Capetown, South Africa opening another piano store.  South Africa?  Yes, don’t be surprised that classical music is marching in the other parts of the world.

Let’s think outside of the box when purchasing a piano, treat it like an investment.  You’re investing your money on a piano regardless is for your child’s music potential or for personal enjoyment, the tone is the bottom line, and the quality comes with the tonality.  How do we know what the beautiful tone is by listening enough sound of pianos?

When most consumers are still favoring in the brands like Yamaha and Kawai, Perzina piano has captured many professional musicians’ heart.

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