Ritmuller has always been a pacesetter in the piano world ever since it was founded in 1795. The company has not only survived the centuries but also worked its way to the top of the competition throughout the period.

A Brief Historical Insight

Ritmuller was founded in 1795. It revolutionized the piano industry with its innovative design. Specifically, it is credited for developing the double soundboard and, consequently, giving rise to the famed “Euro Sound.” Consequently, it is safe to factual that Ritmuller pianos are responsible for the rich, warm tones associated with the Euro Sound.

Present-Day Ritmuller Pianos

Ritmuller pianos are just as popular today as they were in the 1700s and 1800s. However, the company is now owned by Pearl River Piano Group, the largest piano manufacturer in the world. Consequently, the brand has changed considerably but it still retains that classic look and feel unique to Ritmuller.

Ritmuller pianos are manufactured in the world’s biggest piano factory. Additionally, they are designed and manufactured by the best pianists in the industry including Lothar Thomma, an international master piano designer renowned for his passion. Thomma is tasked with developing and implementing the basics of unrivaled German craftsmanship. He is also tasked with combining the classic look and feel of Ritmuller pianos with contemporary standards in international music technology and science.

Lothar Thomma is responsible for picking all the components that make each of the Ritmuller pianos. Additionally, each of the pianos only utilizes German Louis Renner hammers and complemented with strings made of Roslau music wires. What’s more, the sound boards are made of aged music-grade spruce only to match the piano’s grade.

Thomma’s input, coupled with the brand’s legacy and top quality components, has resulted in an unrivaled sound range. Ritmuller pianos are characterized by a rich base, bright treble, and full tenor, all of which combine to make the most beautiful melodies under the right touch; buyers can rest assured of the quality as each piano is tested and tuned by Lothar Thomma himself.

Ritmuller Piano Series

Ritmuller is comprised of three series of upright pianos: Premium Series, Prestige Series, and Elite Series. Grand pianos, on the other hand, come in four series: Premium Series, Elite Series, Prestige Series, and Concert Grand Series. Additionally, each of the grand piano series comes in two models, and each piano boasts of precision, superior quality, and durability.

Ritmuller pianos are mostly popular with European and Asian markets, and they are a preserve of the rich as they rank among the top high-end brands in the world.

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