August Förster is a piano maker that has persevered with their hand-crafted traditions for many years.  Unlike other piano makers, August Förster has a tradition that every August Förster instrument is totally handmade.  Not only is the crafting personalized, as well every part of August Förster piano. When you look at a new August Förster piano today, you don’t see the old oversized instruments that originally came from Germany.  What exists today is an instrument of luxurious style that will be graceful in any home.

History of August Förster

Friedrich August Förster started his career as a cabinet maker’s apprentice for three years and experimented with building and fixing musical instruments in his free time.  In 1859, Friedrich built his first grand piano and began the August Förster Pianoforte Manufactory.  The company is being managed by a fifth generation Förster, Annekatrin Förster.  Today’s August Förster has 36 employees and manufactures about 100 grand pianos and 150 upright pianos every year. Their tradition of hand-crafting every single piano may seem infeasible today but it is, in fact, the reason why their pianos are so highly regarded today.

The Experience of August Förster

When you see an August Förster piano, the attention to details and the quality of production scream at you from a distance.  Only the best materials get the privilege to be part of an August Förster piano. The legs, music stands and pedal lyres are made by hand from wood. Even the iron frames and bass strings are produced by hand following an age-long process that ensures that the premium look is maintained over the years.

Critically, you can always know an August Förster piano from the way it sounds. They have a characteristically warm and mellow sound that comes from over 150 years of expertise, innovation and technique. The trademark sound is a product of the meticulously constructed soundboard, the stable cast iron frames and the tuning done with special back posts. The harmony of the tone can be appreciated whether the instrument is being played in a home’s dining hall or on the biggest concert stages. The August Förster sound is unique and worthy of all the accolades that the company has garnered over the years.

Time-tested reliability and excellence

August Förster pianos are known for being accurate, responsive to tough and truly brilliant when put through the paces of any song style. Expect a refined, distinctive tone to go with the handsomely crafted and constructed pianos. The grand pianos are made in four sizes ranging from 170cm to 275cm and are finished in mahogany, black and a pyramid-mahogany finish. The larges grand piano is finished in black polish. The upright pianos are available in 116cm and 125cm with a wide range of wood finishes.

All of them come with a Renner action, three pedals and a matching stool for playing comfort.

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