A Steinway Grand Piano costs roughly $81,000. That’s a lot of money, which a significant portion of piano lovers may not be able to afford. However, a rebuilt Steinway Piano is a more affordable option. You can get it at around $24,000 on sites such as eBay or $35,000 or more from dealers.

Few things to be considered about the rebuilt Steinway:
a) Shell
b) Repaired
c) Stein-Was
d) Original
e) Factory Restoration
f) Heirloom Collection

The rebuilt variety refers to pianos whose components have been rebuilt to a point they now are in their original condition. The rebuilding focuses on specific parts of the piano. These parts include bridges and the soundboard.
The action parts and the case also undergo rebuilding to make the piano look and function as well as a new one. Rebuilding effectively gives you a brand new piano but at the price of a used one.

What steps should you take in buying such a piano?

Determine its age
First, determine its age. Age determination gives you a more detailed appreciation of the piano’s history as well as its features and the condition it is in. It is possible to determine the equipment’s age by:
 Locating its serial number
 Looking the serial number up
 Requesting the piano’s history

Check for genuine parts
With the age determined, the next focus should be on checking if it has genuine Steinway parts. Poor quality non-Steinway parts are no substitute to the real thing. A piano marketed as Steinway but with fake parts will perform horribly and give you no return on investment.

Check the Soundboard
Steinway piano stands out from the other types of pianos for one primary reason – the soundboard. It stands out in terms of design and the choice of wood used. Without the soundboard, the piano will never be able to produce the “Steinway Sound”.

Sadly, any Steinway piano rebuilt outside the Steinway factory or by a Steinway-recognized technician will not have the genuine Soundboard. Steinway does not sell (and has never sold) the soundboard to third parties.
Ask the rebuilder/seller for documentation proving the rebuilding happened at Steinway.
It is worth noting that all Steinway pianos are built for rebuilding.

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