The piano is one of the most sophisticated instruments used in music lessons. To become a better piano player, there is a need to have a better piano to aid learning. When thinking of buying a piano, we get stuck in the middle of getting a brand new Yamaha Piano or a used Yamaha piano.

The first advice that will be shared from Piano Consultant Houston is to ensure you think of your budget before choosing any of the two. If you have a flexible budget, the New Yamaha piano is good and in cases of a tight budget, the used Yamaha piano is advisable.

Here are a summary and highlight of the differences


A new Yamaha piano costing between $5000 -$40,000, for example, will not be of the same quality as a used Yamaha piano of the same price or less. (A used piano of the same price will be better).

A new piano of $5000 must have been made in a less costly labor factory while a used piano of that price must have been made in a highly skilled labor factory.


The new piano tends to drop value very quickly compared to the used piano.

The ecosystem

New Yamaha piano is dependent on the environment for resources while the used piano has no impact on the environment. Trees are chopped down and minerals are mined for the production of the new piano but the used piano has much less impact on the environment and ecosystem at large.


The used Yamaha piano is build using the master techniques and stronger frame compared to the new Yamaha pianos. This is one of the reasons why there is a likelihood that the used piano outlives the new piano.


The used Yamaha piano is a good option for beginners who have just enrolled for music lessons and can be traded up with a full value in future with a new one when you become a pro but buying a new Yamaha piano as a beginner may not help and is very expensive.

Ease and affordability

Nobody needs to tell you that getting the new Yamaha piano cannot be as affordable as getting the used one. Also getting the used one is quite easier compared to the new Yamaha piano.

In conclusion, whether you will be buying used Yamaha Piano or new Yamaha piano for your music lesson, it’s advisable you test several units and brands of the piano before you think of buying it.

You can get them yourself or walk in with Piano Consultant Houston to help you to get your right piano for you.

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