When it comes to purchase a piano the reason may varies depending on the preferences. Some families decide to purchase a used piano after renting it for a good period of time, or after eventually realizing that an electronic piano is no longer appropriate to play. Others, choose to start learning how to play piano with a new one.

Whatever your situation may be, there are certain things that you definitely have to take into consideration in order to reach the best decision.

Considering the Cost

Most of the time, the determining factor to whether you will purchase a new or used piano is cost. No doubt, most used pianos are generally less expensive compared to the new ones. However, the length of time in which a piano is used is not the only determining factor for the price. For example, it also includes the quality of the parts, the cabinetry, the brand name, the cost of the regular maintenance and care.

If you look for a new piano, you will definitely be pleased to see the various options that are available; all of them with beautiful furniture in shiny glossy finish. However, you may want to stop and think for a while.  Is this nice looking piano on the outside as great inside? This just means that you have to be reasonable when it comes to considering appearance and functionality.  At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.  What you want, technically, is what is inside and the tone. On the other hand, what you are interested in aesthetically is your personal choice.

New vs. Old

A new piano is equipped with all of the benefits that you get, such as new furniture, wide variety of tones like European scaling design, American or Japanese scaling design.  At the same time, it also comes with a full parts and labor warranty, and with the case that is in its best condition.

On the other hand, a used piano may not have warranty.  You may have to anticipate extra maintenance and repair cost. At the same time, you don’t have wide selection in tone preference; the case of a used piano may also have some scratches and dents on it.  If this is okay with you, then it may be a good option for you.

Where to Get a Piano?

Purchasing a brand new piano is not a difficult task. You can just browse online, or go to a local store and have the salesman show what they have in their inventory.  Or you can contact me as your piano consultant to guide you through the entire piano industry.  The more you understand in the piano world the less likely you will make the wrong decision to purchase your piano.

Whether you are buying a new or used piano, the choice is entirely up to you. Select it after you play it and listen to the tone that fits to your comfort level.

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