Buying a used piano from a private owner could help you find something magical at a massively affordable price. Before doing that, you should seek to learn why the private owner is selling that piano.
Learn everything you can about the piano too. For example, how frequently was it used? Who was responsible for maintaining it in excellent condition? Where has it been stored all this time? The answers to these questions will guide you on your next course of action.

That said; you should know the pros and cons of buying a used piano from a private owner.

A used piano that has been under the care of a private owner ages well. That depends on the quality of care it received though. Private owners who take excellent care of their pianos guarantee you equipment whose voices age well.

As stated earlier, you have a higher chance of stumbling upon a very good deal. The deal could be great news for your pockets. It could also help you get a piano that’s in excellent shape. A private owner is more likely to have an accurate history of the piano too.

Private owners also allow buyers to sample the piano first. You may not be able to do this at a retail or dealer’s store. The owners also allow prospective buyers to discover their personal preferences while sampling the equipment.

The biggest drawback is finding used pianos that are in a terrible state. This often happens with pianos that were stored away and not used or maintained regularly. What is more, the risk of being ripped off remains high when dealing with unscrupulous sellers.

Lack of regular care also allows mold to grow in the pianos, which then affects their ability to produce great sound. Additionally, the growth of mold could also be hazardous to your health or that of your loved ones.

Furthermore, used pianos are more prone to falling apart from stress. The fact that the owner used the piano regularly without giving it the care and attention it needs increases the possibility of the instrument falling apart when you start stroking its keys.

Now that you know these pros and cons, it would be great for you to learn to inspect such pianos too. Inspection helps to bring out some things that the private owner may be unwilling to tell you. Inspect the piano’s:
 styling
 finish
 condition
 sound and touch

Visit the private owner with a knowledgeable person if unsure about the quality of the piano.

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